Our Synagogue

Young Israel of Northbrook - is one of 150 Young Israel synagogues in the USA and Canada. There are 100 more in Israel.

We are an official branch member of this Orthodox Synagogue umbrella organization for many reasons. Hence our name. We were organized as branch of national council in 1988 when we established our first Minyan on our preset site.

Our History

The National Council of Young Israel

Back in 1912, a group of young visionaries in Brooklyn began the first Young Israel synagogue. They set out to help stem the tide of assimilation that threatened the first few generations of American –born Jews. How? By attracting these young Americanized Jews to the beauty and depth of a truly traditional synagogue without becoming any less American. Their experiment worked and blossomed. Today, the National Council of Young Israel has 150 branches across North America. Young Israel of Northbrook is proud to be among them.

Young Israel of Northbrook was born in the late 1980’s. Organized by a handful of families who desired a genuine traditional synagogue offering genuine Jewish prayer services, Judaic classes and Rabbinic guidance. Our first home was a nursery classroom at the Lavin Educational Center, 3545 Walters Ave. In 1990 we remodeled and acquired the 2 acre property. In 2000 we built our current building and we continue to beautify it.

Our Mission

Throughout the entire history of our people, the one thing that keeps us intact is the Torah. Our commitment to the Torah is our legacy. It is what secures our future.This permeates each spiritual, cultural and communal activity that we offer to every Jewish family in our community. Very simply, we are a place where any Jew can go for an authentic Jewish experience.

Young Israel of Northbrook is much more than just an Orthodox synagogue. True, we offer a daily Shacharit minyan and a full breakfast…….a full Shabbat experience including a Kiddush/lunch every week, Holiday services and programs. But we also offer free ,eye opening educational programs for adults and children. Most importantly, we offer a warm and welcoming community feeling which is truly unique.